Wolf Caves, LLC - Texas rock crawling at it's best!


Please read all of the following rules very carefully. 

Failure to comply with any of the following rules and regulations may result in you being asked to leave the property. 

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the property, at any time, for any reason, without a refund.

1. ALL PERSONS who enter Wolf Caves, LLC’s property must sign the Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement, on behalf of themselves and their minor children/wards, if any.

2. NO PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS MAY ENTER THE PROPERTY WITHOUT A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. NO EXCEPTIONS! Parents or legal guardians must accompany and closely supervise their children and/or wards at all times. 

3. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to operate a vehicle on the property.

4. When traveling back and forth between the Campground Area and the Off Road Area, stay on the designated dirt road. Driving or walking off of this main road could result in your permanent ban from the property.

5. All vehicles must have seatbelts and occupants must wear them any time a vehicle is in motion.

6. Roll bars and/or factory metal hard tops are minimum mandatory requirements on all trail vehicles for any level trail. A roll cage is required on any vehicle driving on any yellow, red, or purple trail, or any unmarked trail.

7. Wolf Caves, LLC does not sell or furnish alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the trails, and may never be consumed by a minor. Intoxicated persons, or those engaging in disorderly conduct, may be asked to leave the property without a refund.

8. Firewood shall not be gathered on the property. Fires may not ever be left unattended and must be properly extinguished. Refrain from smoking or building any fire except in the Campground Area. *During a County burn ban all fires are prohibited. All cigarettes and cigarette butts must be disposed of properly.

9. Driving after dark in the Off Road Area is strictly prohibited. All vehicles must return to the Campground Area before dark. The entry separating the Campground Area and the Off Road Area will be locked promptly at dark. 

10. Do not cross or climb any fence, and do not open or attempt to go through any closed gate.

11. All drivers must stay on established dirt trails. DO NOT mark, designate or create in any other manner your own trails.

12. Avoid littering, polluting, or otherwise committing waste on the property. No litter shall be burned or disposed of on the Land. You must remove all trash at the end of each visit. Camp areas shall be kept neat, clean and orderly. No glass bottles or containers are allowed.

13. Illegal drugs are prohibited.

14. Camping is prohibited in the Off Road Area.

15. Loud music and/or disruptive behavior is not allowed on the property. Quiet time starts at midnight and is strictly enforced. 

16. Firearms are not allowed on the trails at any time, and are never allowed to be discharged on the property.

17. Fireworks are prohibited.

18. No motorcycles, ATVs, or UTVs are allowed on the property.

19. Animals must be kept on a leash or in a cage at all times. All animals must be closely monitored and controlled to prevent injury to and/or harassment of other guests. Predator control traps, guns, poisons and other devices may exist on the Land which pose a hazard to pets and all pet owners are responsible for their own animals. Owners must clean up after their animals at all times.

20. Rocks, plants, antiques, arrowheads, artifacts, and other objects found on the property shall not be removed.

21. Driving the trails alone is prohibited.

22. Do not drive into tanks or ponds unless the same is clearly marked as a roadway. Use extreme caution around all bodies of water. No lifeguards are on duty and all water on the property is unfit for human consumption.

23. Wolf Caves, LLC and/or its representative(s) in their sole discretion may determine any vehicle to be unsafe and as such be prohibited from use on the trails. 

24. Wolf Caves, LLC is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property. Please keep all valuables secured.

25. Maximum speed limit is 10 mph in the Campground and 20 mph outside of the Campground. 

26. All persons who enter the property agree to abide by all laws of the State of Texas.